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Played with my food tonight and this is what I made ...

Today was opening day for our farmers' market season. There were a few changes and I have new helpers so it was with a touch of anxiety that I awoke this morning to do it all over again.

I wish I had taken a few pictures. The market was flooded with happy people anxious to buy our offerings. I love market day. After a week of kitchen work it is time to meet your buyers face to face and enjoy a bit of camaraderie.

Tonight I played with food that arrived in my foraged food box from northern Saskatchewan. What a grand meal.

The burn morels were prime. Large, dry and not wormy. They made a flavourful risotto. Dandelion greens are heavy in the dietary fibre so no need to make a lot. Their bitter flavour complimented the risotto. And I have about 6 dozen quail eggs. It was fun to poach a couple. But seriously, they only take a minute. Quail eggs taste like chicken eggs but they proportionately have a large yolk.

Satisfying simple dinner.


  1. Sounds nourishing and delicious. :-) I love market day too!

  2. Risotto is a treat! I love getting my veggie box and finding all of the treasures!

  3. Really different dish shared here. I always read your recipes on this blog and I am always trying to make such delicious dishes.


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  5. Sounds wonderful. Good to check in and see you are up to your 'magic' still. Pretty photo too!

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