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Coconut OIl - How do you use it?

This is the end of my coconut product spree! Thank you to Epicurex for all the free samples. I don't often have free offers. It was a treat.

I have been curious to try many new products, but living here, in the middle of nowhere, it isn't always easy. Now I know how simple it is to order these from Amazon. I had to pay the shipping on this but it was only $5.00

How do you all use coconut oil? I have never tried it. Oil is a bit of a misnomer. After all, we don't call butter 'milk oil'. I have seen the term coconut butter and that is more descriptive of the product. This is a very hard fat even at room temperature.

I suppose before all the changes in attitudes and research on solid fats 'oil' presented better. But it is definitely not an oil.

I tasted this coconut butter and it's yummy. It has a pure coconut flavour. I like my coconut in curries and in desserts. Coconut oil has a high smokepoint and therefore, a good choice for pan sautéing or frying. At 130 calories per tablespoon it is slightly higher in calories than butter at 100 calories per tablespoon. Researching the calories I found that different brands of coconut oil and also, butter, varied slightly in caloric content. So be sure to read the Nutrition Facts label on the product.

In Canada you can order your Cocozia coconut oil here from


  1. Thank you for this informative post, I will try stir-frying my next recipe with coconut oil!


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