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Pea Shoot Topped Crostini

Pea shoots are in season and are at the farmers' markets. But what do you do with them? Their flavour is mild, their colour is bright and they are so pretty. Pea shoots can be sautéed in a stir fry. They can be puréed into a chilled summer soup, tossed into a salad or used simply as a garnish on a crostini.

Pea Shoot Topped Crostini

pea shoots
camembert or brie cheese
olive oil
roasted strawberry and rhubarb compote (find the recipe here)

Slice the baguette on the diagonal and lightly toast on a medium hot grill. Grill on one side only and remove. Brush grilled side lightly with olive oil and top with a slice of brie or camembert and return to the grill. Heat until the bottom is toasted and the cheese melts a little. Top with your favourite fruit compote or preserve. Garnish with pea shoots and serve.


  1. Our CSA gave us some shoots last year. I hope we get some this year too!

  2. Very appetizing!Every little shoot beautifies!


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