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Stove Top Candied Walnuts

For the third time in as many years the electronic panel on my range is fried. This is so annoying. Of course it never happens at a convenient time. No, it has to be Christmas this time.

The short story is that I can no longer use my oven right now. The stove top is unaffected but my oven will not operate until this panel is replaced.

Did I mention that I have the Christmas Market and two dinners to cater? I am adjusting my menus so all can be completed stove top. Who knows, I might find some great new recipes and ideas.

Today I am candying walnuts for a salad. So many of the recipes, both oven and stove top, create an overly sugar crusted nut. I don't find it appealing. Today I tried something new. I left the nuts in the sugar syrup until the syrup was quite browned and then I laid them out on a cooling rack. This created the effect I was after. There wasn't a thick crust of sugar or candy around the nut and it didn't pool into a brittle. The excess candy dripped off and left a lightly sweet nut. They are perfect.

These nuts will be added to a salad of winter greens with plumped cranberries. The dressing will be a vinaigrette with raspberry vinegar and olive oil. If you don't like smoked paprika, use cayenne or your favourite chilis crushed. I can imagine that the chipotle peppers I bought in Osoyoos at a farmers' market would be tasty. These will take a couple of hours to dry.

Candied Walnuts with Smoked Paprika

1 cup walnuts, whole and pieces
1/2 cup sugar
2 tablespoons water
1 teaspoon smoked paprika
sea salt

Add all ingredients to small pan over medium heat. Cook so it bubbles lightly until the sugar has carmelized but does not burn. Spoon the walnuts onto a cooling rack placed over a baking sheet. Drizzle the nuts with any sugar syrup left in the pan. Sprinkle the nuts with sea salt or fleur de sel. Cool completely before using in your recipe or enjoying as a snack.


  1. You know, mine gave a code the other day. I unplugged it and it came back but I am sure it is going to go out again. To think the computers only last 2-3 years... that is just wrong.

    So sorry. There are lots of things that can be done, right? Don't you have a big outside oven??

    The walnuts look amazing.

  2. I am sure many great recipes have been invented due to necessity.

  3. These look terrific! Candied nuts are a nice addition to a Christmas snack table, and these sound not-too-sweet, as you said.

    I hope your oven issues are covered under warranty. It's a shame that your wonderful stove has given you such grief, since you've had it such a short time.


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