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Innovative Arts Program in Saskatoon is Amazing

Myself and 3 friends spent a couple of days in our university town. We graduated from the College of Home Economics and have so much in common. It is quite amazing in my mind that after 40 years we still keep in touch and when we get together it is like no time has passed.

One of our best finds was this intimate downtown gallery. The artwork is avant garde but the mission is down to earth. This is a downtown drop in for artistic youth. The atmosphere was calm and reeked of creativity. It is a safe place for youth at risk.  Saskatoon Community Youth Arts Programming 

Their dream is simply to give young people the hope and tools to be successful. Thanks to more than a dozen corporate sponsors this dream can come true. Donations are also gratefully accepted.

I was deeply touched by this space. I was impressed by the calmness it offered. Canvases and artwork were stacked all around. Gentle lighting caressed the rooms. I hope that this program never sees the risk of not being.

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