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Harvest is one of my favourite times of the year

As I was catching the afternoon sun to photograph home preserves I saw a little girl on her bicycle through my front window. It was possibly her first day of school.  She stopped at my neighbour's fence, shimmied up the retaining wall grabbing the fence boards with her little fingers. What in the world is she doing? One arm reached high to the apple tree and plucked a fruit.

Without hesitation she took a big bite and it must have been a tasty bite. It was quickly followed by a second bite as she hopped back on her bicycle and continued her tour.

The wonder of the harvest is with us. I was too slow with my camera to photograph that delicious moment.

The same evening my neighbour called and asked if I could help ferry farm trucks from one field to another faraway field. Farms are now 12,000 acres and the fields are far flung. The combine does not stop on a good dry day. That means others are called to move trucks as the harvest moves from one field to another. A drive in the country is a welcomed event for me even though I live in a small town. It is never the same old drive. Tonight a huge grain bin was being transported with a pilot truck ahead and behind. It was a slow drive. Harvest promises slow drives on gravel roads and minor paved roads. There is always the chance of farm equipment on the road.

I am happy to help out. After all, I am often the recipient of the fruits of the harvest. Last year I was gifted a tub of lentils. The previous year it was field peas. This year it is mushrooms.

As we pulled into the driveway after the long drive,  I noticed a grouping of large mushrooms on my friend's lawn. I took a sample home with me and identified it as shaggy parasol. These are edible when cooked.

Now I am carefully tending them while they ripen so I can pick them before the lawn is mowed on Friday.


  1. I have always wanted to go foraging for mushrooms...with an experienced guide of course.

  2. They are cute:-)
    I often see mushrooms but never know which are edible..

  3. I am terrified by mushrooms. So many stories. I guess there's a reason that the Pharmacist checks them in France. The only ones Im sure of are morels and chanterelles... everything else I pass on no matter how adorable they are!

    Good you have a friend who knows them... they are cute.


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