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Slow Food Canada National Conference

I have been attending the Slow Food Canada National Conference in Osoyoos, British Columbia for the past two days. The meetings have been very intense, the food and wine out of this world and the camaraderie amazing.

I have had precious little time for blogging. Meetings run for 6 hours each day, then a workshop or farm tour for 2 hours and the day ends with the most wonderful local food at dinners that keep us until bedtime.

The chefs have been nothing but outstanding. They have been foraging for wild watercress, balsam root and biscuit root. Beef and pork have been brined, marinated and braised for 24 hours. Fruit compotes, sorbets and infused dressings have been prepared. Breads, loaves and puddings have been baked. I have never had so much delicious and lovingly prepared healthy food at a conference. Attention to detail has been outstanding. Everything is local, from scratch and prepared with simplicity.

This market came together just for our conference. It is off season but these wonderful farmers and artisans came out to show and sell. The amazing part was that this brought in so many people from off the street that they sold way more than they ever expected. While this was on, there was a wine tasting just inside the hotel.

Now I am off to a Food and Wine Writers' Workshop in the same valley. I have another 3 days of this wonderful food and wine. I promise to blog more details when I return home.

I purchased his wonderful locally grown and smoked chipotle peppers. They smell so good.

I also purchased canned and smoked Okanagan sockeye salmon. There is a special story to go with this product.

Foraged foods.

Can you see the snail shaped bread? Made special for Slow Food.


  1. That looks so good Sarah. What fun it must have been!

  2. Oh. you are fast, Sarah!
    Loved loved loved meeting you!
    Can't wait for more!

  3. It looks like an interesting market. I do love the snail shaped bread loaves. How could anyone not enjoy them?

  4. I know I would have loved it Sarah. I knew that Ricardos up here in Lake Country was doing his own sauces. A very catchy tag line:D

  5. Such a pleasure to meet you, Sarah! Looking forward to some time to read the rest of your blog and your articles.

  6. Here I am again - just skimmed through your posts since you have been home - and what a journey you had. I didn't realize you had driven to the conferences - what a blast! Great posts. I hope you will truly consider joining The Canadian Food Experience Project.


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