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What do I Love Most about my House?

Grace at Sense and Simplicity is hosting a 'What do I Love Most about my House' tomorrow.  As some of you may know, I have recently purchased a 'fixer upper'.  I was hesitant to participate in this discussion because I have barely begun my work.  But Grace is so 'gracious' that I just had to join in.  Here it goes...

I love my neighbours.

I love the 1960's bungalows because they are a blank canvas.

I love having a larger piece of land with good sunlight and a garden.

I love my big window in the front.

I love being steps away from the park and pathway.


  1. :) Oh yes. I like the same things talking about having own house :) Good taste :)

    What about Miss Sugar?

  2. Sounds like you do have a lot to love! How wonderful to have a garden, and a park/pathway, at your disposal. And, such nice neighbors--that's probably the very best part.

    A lovely post!

    :) Jane

  3. I have had two fixer uppers in my life, and one would have been enough! Back when I had more ambition and less money- I had to!

  4. Nice tribute to a cute little fixer-upper! I can't begin to name all I love about my house, but let's start with 21 years of memories raising 9 kids! Thanks for making me think.

  5. I love yout post with all the feelings you have described. Me too I love my house/home.

  6. Those are some very nice things to love about your house!

  7. I love your back yard and big windows, too!

  8. I got you linked up for the blog post. What a lovely park to be steps away from. You are so lucky to have neighbours like that - it's a rare thing indeed.

  9. You are so right... there is much to be said for a blank canvas. I am hopelessly imprisoned by my collections and have usually been drawn to old places with lots of details. ONce I ended up in a completely stripped brownstone... it gave me a new perspective on my things. I actually even got rid of a few possessions!! Your house and grounds look wonderful, Sarah. I know we are all looking forward to your transformations as you make it our own.

  10. I love all of that too: good neighbors, nature around, big windows so you get plenty of light and the outside in feel, a nice garden for planting, sounds just perfect to be happy and keep busy with projects!

  11. daliam> well, Miss Sugar loves the house, too. Her favourite part is the back yard.

    Jane> yes, the neighbours are the best part.

    buffalo> I never thought I would do another one. But in a small town, there aren't a lot of choices. So I chose LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION!

    Marjie> 21 years! Wow!

    Sage> something special about home!

    Lyndsey> thanks :)

    Valerie> simple things are amazing.

    Grace> thanks for encouraging me to participate.

    Deana> love your story about the brownstone! Life is interesting.

  12. Joumana> keeping busy with projects is a pleasant part of it.

  13. Well, it's too late for me to join! I love so much about my house. I'd love it more if someone would help me clean the garage!

  14. What an incredibly beautiful spot you live in...and what fun ahead of you decorating your blank canvas!

  15. It is fun making a house a home. It is wonderful to have great neighbors and a park nearby!! Hope you post as you transform your home! I did a spot on this project to, but didn't realize there wasn't a linky. Drop by my Spindlecottage for a visit!


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