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Prairie culture and hospitality

The time has come that I must share my experiences, here, in my new hometown.  The day I moved in there was a welcome card from my south neighbour.  It was a sweet card "Welcome to the Neighbourhood" from Mr. & Mrs. Wotherspoon who have probably been there since they left the farm.

Soon I met my 'north' neighbour.  They have two boys, 11 and 14.  They are the neighbours who lost a 40 year old fir tree in the recent wind storm.  I think there is damage to their pool, I am afraid.

Tonight I am reading the local newspapers.  They are delivered free, to my door, with a whack of advertising inserts.  In the city this would annoy me.  But here, it is one way to learn about the services and culture.  I bought my television from one of these ads!  Obviously they work.  The only things I found tonight were a rain barrel and some kitty litter.

But, alas!  Can you believe it?  There is an unreserved antique and collectible auction on May 8 with a large assortment of Southern Antiques, from down south in Georgia, North and South Carolina and Kentucky!  I think I'll go.  There must be a story in that!

And the president of my university, the University of Saskatchewan, will be at a special event on April 20 at the Art Gallery of Swift Current.  Who knows, I might run into someone I know!  I would love to go.

And there is a young local playwright whose performance of "The Day the Rhubarb Fell from the Sky" is playing for the week.

As I read through the advertising and newspaper, the doorbell rings.  It is my neighbour on the corner, Anthea.  I am cordially invited for coffee on Monday at 10am to meet my neighbours!

"Can I bring anything?"  "No",  she smiles.

I didn't realize at the time that she was the artist of the gift card.

But I know I will be bringing a treat.  I think it will be Cherry Rose Rolls.   What do you think?


  1. I love this:) And her beautiful art work.

  2. The rose rolls look delicious and just the thing for a welcome to the neighborhood celebration! What a great community you live in Sarah! Sounds like you've really found an awesome corner of the world, enjoy it :)

  3. Nana - I wonder if she offers classes? Wouldn't that be amazing.
    Andrea - So far I love it!

  4. Amazing how friendly small communities in Canada are - actually Canada is friendly. I envy you! By the way, I love your new format!

  5. Some are friendlier than others but generally, this is what I would expect when somebody new moves in. They can all see my out of province license plates! Eek! I forgot about that! I'll fix that next week.

  6. I miss small towns more than I can say and look forward to ending up in one as soon as I can!!! Must get the recipe for those rolls... how I love cherry anything. What lovely neighbors you have... I know you will soon be like a native and share more great stories!!!

  7. Deana - I am feeling so good about my decision to move out of the big city. Just click on the link and it takes you to the recipe for the cherry rolls. Just scroll down!

  8. Yes, the rose rolls!! They look amazing!! YUMMMMMMM! Your neighbors sound so nice. You're quite lucky.

  9. Sarah, mon amie, tu as de la chance d'avoir des voisins aussi hospitaliers.
    C'est quelque chose que tu auras peu de chance de rencontrer à Paris.
    A bientôt.


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