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My 6th Photo

Grace, from Sense and Simplicity, invited me to play the bloggy game that is making the rounds.  You are to show your 6th photo.

I have been looking for a place to live for quite some time.  In 2007 I took three months off from my work and drove out to Nova Scotia.  I rented a quaint little house in Annapolis Royal for 2 months.  I was checking out the Maritimes as my possible new home.

This picture is probably about the sixth picture that I took as I left off on that journey.  I left Calgary and headed east.  This is Saskatchewan, of course.  It was August. I loved the landscape enough to stop and lay on the ground to get this view.

I should have known right then and there to just stop here!  But it took me three more years to realize that.  This picture was taken very near to Swift Current on the TransCanada Highway where I am now living.

Now I'm to pass this on to seven other bloggers so they, too, can look into their files and show us their 6th photo and tell us its story.  I hope you want to come out and play!

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  1. A friend of a friend who had recently retired spent an entire summer investigating small towns in upstate NY before discovering what became my little town. FIrst the friend moved there, then the ex and I. I have an intrepid person like you to thank for doing the leg work.. so glad you found your paradise and I love that photo!

  2. What a gorgeous photo. You really have a good eye for photography. Thank you for thinking of me. I will post something tonight. Cheers!

  3. Oh my it's beautiful. I've passed that way many times myself. It's amazing that we never know where our path will take us - maybe that's a good thing though.

  4. You made me think of Gordon Lightfoot singing Canadian Railroad Trilogy...

  5. Deana> I actually moved here partly because a friend bought a house here in that nearby village!

    Lazaro> thanks! I look forward to your pic.

    June> yes, it is about the journey, not the destination, isn't it.

    Buffalodick> can't get more Canadian than Gordon Lightfoot! Yes, I had checked out almost every province before just coming home!

  6. Andrea> thank you

    Kate> it is, isn't it!

  7. This shot is LOVELY! Wow. It is speaking to me :).

    Oh no! I have to find a photo haha. How do I do it? I have my photos in different folders. Hmmm.

  8. It's a lovely landscape, but the black eyed susans in the foreground rally make the picture!

  9. You found yourself a lovely patch of field flowers to lie in - so pretty. I love those black-eyed Susan flowers. Saskatchewan was lovely, and much more rolling than I thought it would be (okay maybe not that part just west of Regina - here's my photo taken there Thanks for taking part - I enjoyed that and hearing your story of wanderlust.

  10. What a great photo and fun game! You are blessed to be living in such beautiful area!

  11. Grace> you did find one flat piece of land there!

    Marjie> thank you! I loved them, too.

    Hungry> as long as we are happy where we are!

    Memória> you can do it!

    Pam> thanks!

  12. Sarah, A beautiful pic. Sometimes it seems to take a while to realize where you should be next. How nice that you found a special place.
    Thanks for tagging me, I've been shooting like a mad women lately. I'll get right one this one.

  13. OMG, I had to go back in my files from 2007 to find my 6th photo and it ain't pretty, but I intend to play by the rules, so I'll post it tomorrow. Thanks for inviting me to play along!

  14. Mags> thanks for being a good sport. We all must have got our digitals about the same time!


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