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Black Friday in Alpharetta (Atlanta)

I am in Alpharetta visiting my namesake, Sarah, for American Thanksgiving.  Today we did the rounds of the International Market, Trader Joe's and the largest wine store I have ever seen, Total Wine & More.  We came home and popped some store-bought frozen mushroom mini empanadas into the oven, had a cocktail and then I watched as Sarah and Adriana made dinner empanadas.

We had salmon with cheese, ground beef with raisins and cubed pork with vegetables.  They are not deep fried, but baked, so more guilt-free to eat.  If there was still any room in the tummy after eating all of them, there were a few dulce de leche empanadas, too.

But if you have leftover turkey, why not concoct an empanada filling.  Anything goes - turkey with a bit of stuffing, mashed potato and a spot of cranberry sauce?  Why not.  The dough can be purchased rolled and ready to fill.


  1. Wow Sarah, you did all that on Black Friday? Phew! I love Trader Joes (we don't have any over here in SC)....please do tell the name of the biggest wine store! These little empanadas look perfect for my moments needing some munchies! Thanks for stopping by today! Roz

  2. these look fab and i love the fillings have fun with your friend

  3. It was Total Wine and they have stores in many states! It was amazing.


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