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Asparagus with Orange and Hazelnuts

This can be served as a side dish or as a salad.  If you don't have hazelnuts, substitute almonds or pecans.

Asparagus with Orange and Hazelnuts      Serves 4

Steam or boil:
      1 lb asparagus, with the ends snapped off
Place a large skillet over medium heat and add:
      2 T butter
      1 1/2 T orange zest
     1/4 c chopped hazelnuts, toasted
Cook until the butter is slightly browned.  Then add:
      juice of 1/2 orange
      the cooked asparagus
Toss to coat the asparagus and remove from heat.  Add salt and pepper, to taste.
Serve warm as a side dish or chilled as a salad.

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