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The Silk Road - Spice Heaven

I have made a trip into the big city, Calgary.  I have a ton of things to do.  My haircut, my dentist, my banker, my accountant, my car servicing ...  and  ...  shopping!

I have moved to a small city about 5 hours away and still have not relocated many facets of my life.  But if anyone from Swift Current is reading this, they know how excited we are when we 'get out' and go somewhere to shop.

When I arrived I stopped at Lina's for Italian food specialities.  While there I picked up a copy of City Palate and read it from cover to cover.  The gem I found that was new to me was The Silk Road.  It was exactly what I craved.

This is a spice shop.  A really nice spice shop.  I went in to buy cinnamon!

Okay, to recap my purchases... I bought 3 kinds of cinnamon - Vietnamese Saigon Cassia, Sri Lankan true cinnamon and Indonesian Karintje Cassia, ras el hanout, curry leaves, juniper berries, Morita chipotle chiles, ground Ancho chiles, ground Marash chiles,  Szechuan peppercorns, nigella seeds, and cayenne pepper.

I could have bought a whole bunch more.  Next time!


  1. What a great shop! I will be like a child in a candy shop lol

  2. Sarah, what a gorgeous store!! I am drooling as I look at the pictures. My favorite NYC spice store has a million things, for which I am grateful but it is not an attractive place... Silk road looks magical. How cool to find it and so cool to have that City Palate magazine. Now I want to read all about the people that did the store.. they must be cool.

  3. Three types of cinnamon sounds like my personal idea of heaven. The shop is gorgeous, and it sounds like you came home with quite a delicious haul!

  4. Wow! A spice shop...what a wonderful discovery. Now you get to think about how to use all of those wonderful cinnamons! Yum.

  5. This place looks like a palace! I need to take a photo of our local spice shops so you can see. I love how they created an evocative decor with the dark wood and the furniture and bottles. I could easily spend and spend in there!

  6. Wow, I think I could just live in that beautiful spice shop for days! I'm sure that you kind find some of the most rare and hard-to-find spices there!

  7. I just found you through a canadiafoodie! I was immediately interested as your man blog picture looks so clear and exciting!

    The spice shop looks very inviting, its so organized and it reminds me of old pharmacies back home in Sweden!

    I will be back to read about your future adventures!

  8. Fabulous shop. Wish it had been there during all the years I called Calgary home. By the way, I've loved visiting my "home town" again through your eyes. Thanks Sarah.

  9. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SARAH....I hope you have a great day enjoying what you love to do.

    Love Your Sister

  10. Happy Birthday Sarah!

  11. Hello Ms.Sarah and I do believe it's your Birthday today so Happy Birthday! If you are still in Calgary and you have time to call or pop by, please do! Love Claire & Peter
    PS....Really enjoy your blog!


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