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Missing Basil

Basil is almost sold by the leaf here in small town Saskatchewan.  It is probably as expensive as gold.  There is no way I can afford to buy 5 leaves of basil for $2.50.  I am finally really appreciating pesto!  Thank heaven I bought a nice jar in the city.  I had no idea there would be no fresh basil when I bought it.

I am making a list, and checking it twice, what will be in my garden next spring.  Basil, shallots, summer squash to name a few.

I had a wonderful dinner tonight with some boccocini I bought in Regina.  It was surprisingly fresh and wonderful.  Such a treat where cheese is also like gold.  My friends, Greg and Jerry, overnighted with me enroute to Calgary.  As I am growing to enjoy, they bring me care packages.

This trip brought me some wonderful freshly roasted Black Pearl espresso coffee beans, Morden's Russian mint chocolates (they are milk chocolate and filled with milk chocolate delicately flavoured with mint and melt in your mouth) and... ta da... a couple of fresh and tasty garden tomatoes.

I know you can think faster than I can write.  Yes, I had a nice tomato salad with boccocini, basil pesto and balsamic reduction.  Such a treat.


  1. Wow that is expensive Basil you should grow your own, that's what I do, even though it is not as expensive here it goes bad so quickly I hate throwing it away... but those tomatoes look fantastic even without the basil!

  2. Freckles> This year my basil didn't even germinate. Next year I swear I will have a bumper crop of basil.

  3. I was going to suggest you grow your own basil, but I see you're a step ahead of me in the planning department. Actually, about a mile ahead.

  4. You can grow it indoors if you are careful... a dry cleaner plastic over the whole thing can help because basil is not crazy about dry air... but if you grow from seeds... what have you got to lose??? I think it is best started get a head start!

    Those tomatoes look mighty good!

  5. Wow! I've never heard of basil so expensive! I grew my own this summer, and if I can grow basil, anyone can :)


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