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Vanilla Bean Crazy!

I bet you are happy I have found something other than rhubarb!  Thanks to Val at A Canadian Foodie, I have found a place to buy wonderful vanilla beans - Beanilla.  I bought a sampler package to get started.  I have tasted some of these before but some are new.

It is a little overwhelming when you are faced with 8 varieties of vanilla beans.  So I took a hint from an oenophile friend of mine.  He always says that you should pair a wine from the same region as the food you are eating.  They just seem to have a natural affinity.

So I am taking that same approach with these vanilla beans.  Over the next few months I will be trying recipes both savoury and sweet from Tahiti, Madagascar, India, Indonesia, Mexico and Tonga.  I also have a bourbon and a Beanilla blend.  So that will provide interesting cooking for me.

Go on over to visit Grace at Sense and Simplicity.  She has a great giveaway right now.


  1. Sarah,

    Best of luck. You cannot compare using the vanilla bean to using vanilla extract. Vanilla Beans add such an amazing dimemsion to any dish, it just takes food to whole new level.

    I am sure you will have some good eating.


  2. Fascinating Sarah
    Will check up to see what you discover in regards to these beans

  3. Some day I will buy vanilla beans. So much cooking to do, so little time!

  4. The vanilla beans look so cute!! I buy mine from ebay for 1/4th of a pound (about 30-40 total) for only 4-6 U.S. dollars. I still have a bunch left after one year of buying them. I can't wait to see what you make with all of those bean pods!

  5. Well Sarah, you couldn't have enough rhubarb posts for me! I love them. Already copied your rhubarb Turkish delight recipe. They certainly looked divine.

    Thanks so much for the vanilla bean information! I stuck the info in my shopping favorites. I love using them and always have "leftovers" in my sugar container. Can't wait to see what you come up with.

  6. What a fun project!I will be following you journey with Vanilla; Thank you for the great info.

  7. Lazaro> thanks. I love using the real thing.

    Joumana> it will be very interesting!

    Marjie> that is so true. Just when I think I have run out of ideas, my vanilla beans arrive.

    Memoria> Beanilla is cheap, too. I will never buy them in the store again.

    Barbara> well, I just picked another batch of rhubarb today. You might be in luck for another post!

    Sage> wow, I am so glad you are coming along for the ride!

    buffalo> check out Beanilla. Much, much cheaper. And you, being in the U.S., the postage will be so much cheaper, too.


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