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Pork Tenderloin with Madeira Sauce for One

My friend at lostpastremembered is going to make me a madeira convert.   I think I will, in all inevitability, have a nice bottle of madeira in my house at all times.

I bought a pork tenderloin to make prosciutto as I learned from La Table de Nana.  But I am only cooking for me!  So I decided to cut off a few medallions for dinner tonight.  This is just a simple dinner.  You could pound the slices of tenderloin into paillards, thin medallions.  But I like the medium rare of the thicker piece.

I soaked some dried mushrooms for half an hour.  Saved the liquor for another use.  Finely chopped the mushrooms.  Sauteed them with a couple of tablespoons of sweet onion.  I would have preferred shallots but this is what I had on hand.  After sauteeing the mushrooms with the onions for a couple of minutes, I added a smashed clove of garlic.  Sauteed for another minute or so and then added a splash of madeira.  I reduced this until almost dry and then added a cup of chicken broth and a sprinkle of dried rosemary.

I reduced this to a moderately thick sauce.  Meanwhile, I flash fried the medallions of pork in duck fat.

I served the medallions with stir fried green peppers and grape tomatoes.

So easy and an easy dinner for one.


  1. Oh, this dish sounds so elegant and divine!! I didn't know about making prosciutto out of pork medallions! Cool!

  2. I keep a bottle of madiera, marsala, and sherry around always.

  3. Fried the pork medallions in duck fat? That is awesome! I would never have thought to do that- I have to believe that added a very rich flavor to the pork. Great idea!


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