Cooking Classes


Miss Sugar in Oklahoma

Life on the road!  What happened to those fancy dishes?  Oh well, it still tastes good.


  1. I am so glad you have a a companion for your road trip:)She seems to not care about the dishes:)

  2. Traveling with animals can be trying... I'm sure she looks forward to getting home!

  3. Who cares about those nice dishes as long as the food tastes good lol!!!!!

  4. I hope Miss Sugar is a good traveler!

  5. Poor Miss Sugar, having to survive without her fancy dishes! How is she doing with the traveling?

  6. Hi! Thanks for thinking of Sugar! She is a trooper. We are in Colorado Springs now.

    Memoria and Mamatkamal and Marjie - yes, she doesn't seem to mind eating out of the can! I even do it sometimes!

    Nana - she is such good company even if she does sleep all day. She starts talking to me about 5am!

    lostpastremembered & Pam & Marjie -

    Yes, I am sure she is. She plays this little game every morning - hides under the bed so she doesn't have to get in the car again. I like the beds that are boxed in at the bottom!

    In the car, mostly she just sleeps. If she gets scared by noises she turns around and puts her nose into the farthest corner of her soft carrier and hides. If she looks a little concerned, I rub under her chin for a bit and then she goes to sleep.


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