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Miss Sugar

If she wasn't so darned cute, I wouldn't be happy about her sleeping on my nicely folded black towel!  But what could I do? 

She mats so terribly over the winter and she hates being groomed.  I can keep it up until about December and then I just let it be.  I clip anything that might grow into a big mat, otherwise, I just leave it. 

In March, we begin our slow journey of cutting it all off!  She loves the freedom of no hair.  Believe it or not, these are pictures of the same cat.


  1. Cats and kids: Their cuteness saves them. :)

    My Cheetah-cat gets away with a lot just because he's a handsome, lovey cat.

  2. Hey save some kitty cat pictures for weekend cat blogging. Post some pics of Miss Sugar this weekend and post the link in my comments!

  3. Miss Sugar is so cute...but then again I am fond of cats also...Snowflake gets away with more now as he is getting old and I feel he has become an he has earned his respect to get away with things more

  4. You will have to post pictures on Pam at sidewalk shoes this weekend. I'm new at it, but she does weekend cat blogging!

  5. What a beautiful fur ball she is! We have a feral cat that adopted us and lives in our back yard. She loves us, particularly Max our Mini Schnauzer and he's much happier now that he has a play buddy. They are a hoot to watch together, she's even taught him how to hunt. She won't abide any strangers in the yard, man or beast.

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