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Food Photography Motivates Me

Every now and again procrastination creeps in. I have an article due but just can't begin. This time my excuse was somewhat legit. I was waiting on my foraged food box from northern Saskatchewan. Then life gets in the way and it was down to the wire. I had one day to phtograph four or five recipes. Only daylight will suffice.
Cooking is the first step. Then comes plating and shot after shot until I am happy with an image.
Extra plates and bowls are helpful in carefully plating for the photo. A few extra slices of bread, just to be sure. Lots of dishes to do.

Playing with the right plate, the right background, the right light, the right props. All these dishes for a simple picture of bacon morel crostini.
All this just to get the right photo.


  1. I have a perfect window at a certain time of day... otherwise I don't like the light. When I can't make the window, I am never happy with the results!!! Not glamorous at all~

    1. Me, too. Thisis the window. And the time of day changes from summer to winter.

  2. Same here..light changes toujours..I think I have a table so similar to yours..maybe longer..:)
    eventually needed a new coffee table and I don't need new :) So we sawed the legs shorter and that's the coffee table;)

    1. That's funny! This table is 100 years old. Bought it in an antique store in Calgary. So tiny but I have the perfect spot for it. Also the perfect height for my food pix. And makes a great rustic background.


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