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A Drive in the Country - Grasslands National Park

On top of 70 Mile Butte. This is more than an historical landmark to anyone who makes the journey.

The evening primrose has a heavenly scent.

This is an authentic dinosaur bone that lays exposed and untouched. Why? That's what I love about Canada. Respect.


Quicksand is just as we have learned. No way I would step beyond that sign. No way.

The East Block is so very different from the West Block. No buffalo. No prairie dogs.


  1. Gorgeous ..peaceful..I would never go near quicksand either.

    1. The quick sand was everything I had ever thought it would be. It was not only this little spot but it continued up the valley like a dry-ish river. All marked. But imagine if you were coming out in a wagon back in the early 1800's. How would you know? The more I learn the more I respect all those brave souls who came west. I have no idea why they risked everything to come into this God forsaken part of the country.

  2. Spectacular. Imagine negotiating that with a wagon, cattle and kids!

  3. Beautiful pictures. Amazing that it really doesn't look any different than what the pioneers would have seen.


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