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Drive in the Country Saskatchewan

Was there a castle on this lot?

This past weekend there was a Highway #1 Artist's tour. Several galleries opened their doors all down the road from Swift Current. It was a nice day to take a drive. As usual, I wish I had taken more pictures. This is all I have.

This secret garden was a delightful find in a village. It begs for more research and find the significance.

Concrete walk up to...the house?

Stone fence all around.
It appears to be a lovely lot where a house was once situated. Now it is a lovingly cared for garden.

UPDATE:   Mystery Solved

The town of Herbert has a wonderful website. I don't know why I didn't try that first. Thanks to Nana and Anonymous for encouraging me to find more info.  Here it is:

H.M. Klassen House - 420 Herbert Avenue (Castle Yard) - A beautiful house was built here for the H.M. Klassens in the early 1900s. It was traded to Senator William Sharpe in 1920, and then sold to Dr. Bejamin Funk and renovated to become Herbert's First hospital in 1923. the hospital burned down in 1925. The "Holme's Castle" was built on this property by Tom Holmes in 1933. The Nursing home owned the property for a time an it now is owned privately.


  1. I"d be so curious..any info on the web?
    You had a lovely day for such a studio tour..
    There is one here this w/e I think..but in and out of the artists homes..

  2. Replies
    1. Grace, it was just like a secret garden - high hedge all around with that low stone fence hiding most of the interior.

    2. It was a great day. Some of these were artists' homes, too.

  3. There did used to be a castle there! Well, at least a house that had some crenels like a castle.

    1. Really. That's interesting. Would there be more info at the museum, do you think? Do you know the name of the owner?

  4. I do love secrets. It's fun to explore lost places and forgotten paths. Glad you had a great time doing it.


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