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My Fondest Memory of NYC

When my nephew was in grade eleven I took him to New York City for Easter break.  We spent 10 days in this wonderful, vibrant city.  Every morning we would open our cereal box and pour in milk that I would buy at the corner store below our room.  That was our only home cooked and cheap meal of the day.  Then we would be off for our next adventure.

We would go out and explore the city.

I had one mission on this trip (other than making sure he had a good time).  I wanted to find rods for a light fixture.  It was an art deco fixture.  I couldn't find anything appropriate in Calgary.

So, first day out on the street from our room we walked down from Times Square and there it was!  There was a shop with light fixtures.  They did a lot of work for the studios so they had everything under the sun.   They took me upstairs to the workshop.  They had so many bits and pieces and parts.  It was exactly what I was hoping for and my gosh, my light fixture has pieces from NYC!  Woohoo!

I believe in luck and good fortune.  In my wildest dreams I did not really expect to find exactly what I needed.  I was hoping but I did not have expectations.  In New York all is possible!

Ten days in NYC is a long time.  So much happens every day.  We had a blast.


  1. I bet you went into City Knickerbocker... it had to move but it's still in business... how cool is that!

  2. A place I would love to see but I have a husband who has no desire to go to America. Guess I will have to put up with a holiday closer to home. Mind you I gave no complaints about that, there is so much to see in Europe. Diane

  3. V. admirable-nephew+field trip w/ exploring = what a connection! Way to go, Sarah. I'm on your site looking for recipe-I have 11 family members coming tomorrow, and there are special eaters-looking for a shrimp dish not too spicy but also delicious. Hope you are well. Haven't heard from you since my last email, but you look Very Busy...and that's all good.-Cheers-literally (it's saturday nite-Claire & Peter in Calgary....thinking of you)


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