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Day 5 at Kid's Cooking Camp

I don't even know what happened to Day 4!  Day 3 Cupcake Decorating was a very intense day.  Soft buttercream.  Thanks, Marjie at 'Modern Day Ozzie and Harriet' for your input on buttercream.  Apparently shortening doesn't melt so quickly but also does not taste as good.  I opt for taste and health so would still use butter any day.  Just as Marjie does.

This is a display for Canada's Food Guide.  These kids already know alot about nutrition.  I was so impressed.  Day 4 was our junk food day.

I had pictures I didn't even post!  Those amazing Black Forest Cake cupcakes were wonderful and how could I forget to share the picture.

It was crazee!  I had silver dragees scurrying all over my floor and dropping down into my heat vents.  Sugar still crackles beneath my feet!  And the fridge handle.  Wowzer!  Enough sugar there to sweeten my coffee!

I am back in shape now.  Day 4 was a tired day for everyone.  The girls were all sleepy.  They went to the baseball game last night and with the long weekend coming up, had visitors and will be welcoming visitors.  I suggested we start a little later for Day 5 and all agreed.

Everyday someone can cut a flower from my garden for the table centre.  This was the flower for Day 3.

It was so busy in the kitchen that I didn't take pictures!  I was deep frying and didn't dare to even take my eyes off the pot for a moment.  We made onion strings from The Pioneer Woman, french fries from scratch, pizza, cardamom ice cream and Mexican chocolate ice cream.  I can tell you that it is way more work to make junk food than real food.  I will make real food any day of the week before I spend much time on french fries.  We did redeem ourselves by using sea salt, real cream and eggs and no butter today!  Canola oil for frying.  I suggested duck fat (which is as healthy as olive oil) but they were all a little squeamish about it.  No skin off my nose!  I love my duck fat and will enjoy it myself!

So, on to Day 5.  Today is a barbecue!  But before we did that, we had a little chocolate tasting.  It was fun to try a number of single origin chocolates and comparing them to milk and white chocolate.

Barbecues are a favourite way to entertain in this area.   Our summers are short but hot.  We love to get outside.  Everyone is familiar with barbecue.  I thought it would be a fun way to end our wonderful week together.

Yes, our last day!  I am sad to have this end.  It has been a lot of fun and I feel like I am living my dream.  I love to cook and share the love.  What better way than with young 'uns.  I hope they have enjoyed this as much as I have.  I hope they are encouraged to make real food, with real ingredients and think always about the food they eat. 

Cooking School is agreeing with me.  Firstly, I had my 'Adding Flavour to Your Foods with Spices and Herbs'.  That was so much fun.  It was a ton of work to write that class but so rewarding at the same time.  Then it was a BBQ class.  I sent my participants home nicely 'smoked'!  I will work on improving that situation.  And I had my Newcomers Club class.  They were so open and eager and friendly.  It was a delight.  Now I have completed my first 'Kids Camp'.  They are all so much fun for me.  Thank you to all who have participated.  I truly appreciate your support.  I will be coming out with a full program of classes that will begin in October.  I will post the program on my blog and also email everyone on my list.

Cooking Camp Revelations

*  kids are way more afraid to crack an egg than turn on a gas cooktop
*  they are more aware of fats, sugars and nutrients than I thought they would be
*  they mostly have a very adventurous spirit with food then fool you with some little dislike that you would never guess - just like all of us!
*  let them try to make things that seem to be way over their head.  Who knows what their real expectations are anyway.  They adapt and come up with a winner no matter what.
*  next time I would line my floor with plastic before cupcake decorating!  (just kidding)
*  on the first day I should be more cognizant of skill levels.  It took me until Day 2 or 3 before I realized the differing abilities of the participants.  Then, assign duties according to abilities.
*  they love the garden and fresh things - flowers and herbs especially
*  they would naturally reach their fill on what we were doing and take a break in the garden.  Such a great idea that I had never thought about.  I was so task oriented.  A break now and again is wonderful.  It is camp, after all, not school.  Friendship and socializing is just as important.  Plus it gives me a chance to reorganize the kitchen for the next project.
*  all you have to do is ask.  If I am doing all the cleaning, work in the kitchen it is only my problem.  When I ask for help they all jump up and want a job.  So nice.
*  seeing things through the eyes of a child is so refreshing.  You have no idea how many times their questions required me to reframe my thinking.
*  kids love to pose for photos!  It is so cute.  I told them that they were movie stars this week.
*  breakfast is a great time to do the 'teaching' stuff.  I would set the table centre in the theme of the lesson that day.


  1. I am thinking all those kids had a very good time with you Sarah ~ very fun!
    xo Catherine

  2. It looks like so much fun. I love black forest cake... they are such lucky kids... they will remember this forever. That must feel wonderful for you.

  3. I love your list of revelations. Somehow the egg-cracking fear doesn't surprise me.
    There were some cupcake decorators on a TV show recently and the host was amazed they used canned frostings. They said: it holds up better and takes color better. Hate to think what's in it, don't you?
    Glad you had as much fun as the kids, Sarah!

  4. What lucky little girls to have had a wonderful mentoring week. I am certain your skills, leadership and patience will stay with them in their future endeavours. Great role model!

  5. Hi Sarah,

    I'm so excited for you about your cooking classes. I find it inspiring to hear about entrepreneurs doing what they love most. Good for you!

    Thank you so much for your comment on the cupcake toppers. They really do look like a lot of fun to make. I haven't tried it yet but will make it a part of my paper wardrobe project.

    I had an idea for you about what to do for little boys. I think I might do a shirt with a bow tie or shirt with overalls or suspenders. All three would be very easy to make I think.

    Hope this helps. Wishing you a creative and cool Sunday.

    ~Kell Belle

  6. I believe that your children must have enjoyed their week even more than you did! Their creations were just adorable. I did laugh at your comment that they're more afraid to crack an egg than turn on the stove, because my younger boys are the same way. They are afraid that egg shell will get into the eggs, I think.

  7. hi sarah!! this looks like so much fun! wonderful to inspire these little people.
    (one of the people that buys your wonderful bread;)

  8. The black forest cupcakes look yummy Sarah! My son loves chocolate chip doughnuts..any good ideas or variations for chocolate chip doughnuts recipe?


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