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The Charming Mr. Wotherspoon

I have a lovely neighbour.  He is probably about 90 years old.  He always notices the little things I do to improve my home.  For example...

It was the middle of winter and I was in the midst of a full renovation of my house.  The dumpster was full.  I had no window coverings.  They gutted walls, replaced plumbing, rebuilt.  One night I receive a phone call.  "I see a big paint job coming up....." in a waivering voice.

Out of the blue I receive a phone call from a neighbour whom I barely know, whilst I am living amid all my furniture in the basement.  What?  Oh yes, yes, the interior of my home!

"I will be painting it myself,"  I said.  "Well,"  he said, "you did a great job on the exterior of your house.  I am sure it will be wonderful."

Then another day I received another phone call, "You know that tree in your front yard?  It didn't look so healthy last fall, but it is lovely now."

And then my doorbell rang a few days ago.  I am always hesitant to answer an unexpected doorbell.  But I am so glad I did.  It was Mr. Wotherspoon with some fresh cut roses from his garden.

"Not the best," he said.  "They are so lovely,"  I replied.

Am I not the luckiest gal to have a neighbour like this!


  1. How sweet and the roses are beautiful, and the photo's are too.

  2. It is so nice to have neighbours like that. The roses are a lovely thought. I am very lucky here in France even if I struggle to understand them sometimes! Diane

  3. It is so nice to have neighbours like that. The roses are beautiful. I am so lucky with my neighbours here in France even if I cannot always understand them easily! Diane

  4. A few weeks ago, Doctor Lostpast couldn't get flowers at the corner store because they hadn't gotten a delivery. He told my neighbor who knocked on my door and handed me a bouquet of hydrangeas so I wouldn't be 'flowerless' . I thought it was the sweetest most neighborly thing in the world. It just made my day. I am sure the roses did the same for you... just LOVELY!!

    Random acts of kindness are so beautiful. The do make one's day!

  5. How sweet. And the roses are the most lovely color!
    Bet you're going to take him over something special to eat, aren't you? (I always fret over people's diet restrictions, don't you?)

  6. I love him:)

    I have a special neighbor too..

    THis is such a sweet post:)

  7. You are indeed! Our neighbour often brought us fresh made cinnamon buns. She moved a few years ago. We still miss her and her buns! ;)
    xo Catherine

  8. That was so sweet! The roses are gorgeous!

  9. Oh there's absolutely nothing like a GREAT neighbour. I know, having had my share of them.

    That was a really kind gesture in an age where people keep to themselves. Enjoy the beauty

  10. Oh! That is so sweet! How lucky to have a wonderful neighbour! Love Mr. Wotherspoon! Have a wonderful week! Angie xo

  11. I need a Mr. Wotherspoon as a neighbour...those roses are gorgeous.


  12. Those roses are beautiful. and you are lucky that he observes things, because should something happen while you're not at home, Mr. Wotherspoon would notice!

  13. You have the best neighbor in all the land, I wish he lived next door to me

  14. So sweet! Such a lovely post, and what a gorgeous capture! Thanks for your comment at my place, and regarding your question, it's not Feta, it's Goat cheese on top of my salad, :), Gros bisous ma belle!


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