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Chocolate CoCoZia Coconut Water

Amazon will deliver this to Canada after all. I recently tried the pure coconut water and liked it. Then I was offered chocolate flavoured. Hard to imagine chocolate flavoured coconut water but this is so good.

Why coconut milk you might think? The benefit they are selling is the electrolytes. These are important for body hydration and muscle function. Rather than buying energy drinks you can have organic coconut water.

I prefer this packaging. Rather than having to insert a straw this has a screw top. The portions are larger, two servings actually. But you can pour a little and put the cap back on, refrigerate and have more another time.

I hate to say this is an alternative to chocolate milk. It isn't actually. They are two different birds. But the flavour is the same.

Thank you to Epicurex.LLC for sending me a free case. And thank you to Diana at Epicurex for figuring out how to get me an Amazon gift certificate so I could have it delivered in Canada. You can find this product by clicking on this link..

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