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Casual Friday with Linguine and Lemony Herbed Halloumi

Casual Friday is all about whipping up something with little effort. It is about digging into the pantry and freezer and using what is on hand. Join me each Friday for something simple and hopefully, interesting.

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Halloumi cheese is a firm, Mediterranean cheese that can be nicely pan grilled or put on the barbecue. I love its meaty nature.

Linguine with Lemony Herbed Halloumi

Marinade slices of halloumi cheese in olive oil with dried thyme and oregano.

Make your linquine just the way you like it.

Put the linquine in a pasta bowl and toss with a little of the olive herb marinade from the halloumi. Heat a heavy pan until hot but not smoking. Place slices of halloumi in the hot pan and grill until golden. Turn and grill both sides. Remove from heat and squeeze fresh lemon juice over it.

Each person's bowl of linguine can be topped with two slices of grilled halloumi with lemon juice. Grate parmesan or Greek kasseri cheese over. Serve immediately.


  1. That looks so good Sarah. I love fried cheese. I sometimes put some in a skillet and begin to brown and plop an egg on top. Can't wait to try this, wonderful idea to used it with pasta.

  2. That is the best cooked cheese it grills beautifully..what a wonderful idea on pasta..and I love the saltiness:)

  3. This is exactly the type of meal I love Sarah. I have a lemon pasta that I think would be exceptional with this.


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