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'Picture a Day' Favourite

If I was participating in the "Picture a Day" group I think this would be my selection for my favourite picture of the year.  I do not even remember taking this shot and the play on light had me confused.  I didn't see the fence as a fence!  I like the weak little daisy flowers trying to grow in the shade.  I like the steely colour of the fence and the sunlight sneaking in at the bottom.  I would think this was a bright and hot summer day.


  1. The light is just magic... you should visit the NYT's site today... they have a piece on painting with light... very cool!

  2. Looks like you're more of a picture pro than you thought, Sarah. Really a lovely photo.

  3. Wow! What a beautiful picture Sarah. How'd you do that?

  4. I like it too Sarah! It's a very pretty picture! Angie xo


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