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My Garden June 2011

Thank heaven I created a couple of draft postings.  I have no computer!  It is down and not sure if and when I will have it back!  These are some pictures of my garden.  The spring has not been great and everything is a little behind.

Also, I will be at the Farmer's Market tomorrow.  My two gluten-free desserts are individual chocolate pavlova meringues and an Ancho Chile Flourless Chocolate Cake.  I will have more of the multi-grain rustic bread, Cape Breton style oatcakes and more.  I will also be introducing some dips.  I will have a yogurt based feta dip, Lebanese muhamarra dip (roasted red peppers) and a chipotle lime dip (sour cream base).  They are all yummy.


  1. It is scary to think of life without a computer... everything is on it!!! Hope you can fix yours or at least retrieve everything!

  2. I love watching gardens grow..Yours looks full of promise too! Some things out..some coming:)


  3. Guess looking at your garden you have had more rain than us. My chives and rhubarb are a disaster this year. Great photos. Hope the computer is soon back in working order!! Diane

  4. Sorry about your computer!! Mine is acting funny, and I'm looking into getting another one before this one bites the dust. On a happier note, your garden is divine!

  5. Gorgeous, gorgeous garden and gorgeous photos of it! Worthy of framing! Enjoy your bounty the ruby red of your rhubarb! MMMMM!

  6. Hooray ~ Farmer's Market Day!!! Your garden looks pretty ~ hopefully it is not getting too waterlogged with all this rain we are having! :(

    Happy Weekend!
    xo Catherine

  7. Nice shots and your garden looks gorgeous! I would love to see the photos of your chocolate pavlova meringues! Hope your computer will be fixed soon!

  8. The lilacs, pansies and lily of the valley are pretty. Your lettuce looks great, too. Have fun at the farmer's market!

  9. How come your chive blossoms haven't opened yet? That is odd... or is this picture a couple of weeks old? I recognized every thing - but is that garlic? All of the photos are gorgeous!

  10. So sorry about your computer!!
    Loving the looks of your rhubarb, know it's my favorite.
    Good luck with your new offerings at the market. I know you'll do well.


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