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Deep Fried Turkey

I have always heard about deep fried turkey but never had the experience.  Well, I was invited for dinner at the pastor and his wife's home last night and that was on the menu.  It was also their first time to do this.  And, yes, that is rain.  Pouring rain!  I don't know why we were out.  There was flash flooding all over eastern Tennessee.  They have had 46 inches of rain this year, but that is only 9" more than the average.  3" in 24 hours.

They used a pot, like a lobster pot.  Filled it with 4 gallons of canola oil.  Heated it to 325F.  A rod was skewered through the 15 lb. turkey and it was lowered into the oil with another heavy metal hook that looked like a coat hanger.  It bubbled away for 50 minutes at 300-325F,  then we pulled it out.

It was a little overdone but still very juicy, tender and lovely crisp skin.  I think 40 minutes would have been better.  But truly, I think this is a fail safe recipe.  I would also look into brining the turkey before deep frying.  It was worth the effort and a nice alternative to a BBQ.


  1. I have never had a deep fried turkey looks yummy!...and with Thanksgiving just around the corner it would be fun to try.

  2. I would check out Homesense for one of these pots. It is critical to have that rod that the turkey is placed on. But yes, I'll be thinking about doing this someday.

  3. This is your sister Gloria...finally I can post on here using the anonymous option.So hopefully others can post as well.

  4. That's great! I spent an hour this morning trying to figure out how to get my recipes listed for easy finding. Finally I realized Labels would do it! Duh. Also added the search capability. This has been fun.

  5. I think it would also work if you chose Name/URL and just filled in name. I can't tell because everything works for me.


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